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1)general affairs department


the main responsibilities of general affairs department are: to organize meetings of the council and executive committee; to offer guidance to important matters and general affairs of local institutes of cpas; to draw up important reports related to accountancy profession and comprehensive materials for the meetings; to draft annual work summary and put forward annual work plan of the institute; to formulate internal working system, promote internal operation of the institute and review and push forward the progress of routine business; to attend to messages, phones-calls, meeting preparations, confidential documents, files, secrecies, petitions, official documents and document printing etc; to deal with personnel management, labor relations, logistics, security and retirees service, etc; to carry out financial accounting and assets management of the institute and accountancy profession; to handle general business of the competent department and the institute; and to manage the routine business of the party committee office.

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2)information department

the main responsibilities of information department are: to exchange information related to accountancy profession; to organize and supervise the informatization of accountancy profession; to facilitate the establishment of office automation information system; to manage the website of the institute and internal lan system; to maintain the hardware and software equipment as well as the safe operation, risk prevention and emergency processing of the equipment; to edit internal publicity materials of accountancy profession in certified public accountants of guangdong province; to subscribe and issue journals; to manage the informatization of gicpa and routine business of the publicity committee.

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3)training department

    the main responsibilities of information department are: to implement the decision and policies of the examination committee of ministry of finance and department of finance of guangdong province; to organize the national uniform cpa examinations in guangdong province; to implement the decisions of cicpa and department of finance of guangdong province on training programs for accountancy profession; to formulate training plans and systems for accountancy profession; to establish and complete training management system for accountancy profession; to train cpas and non-practicing members and to build up trainers reserve; and to manage the routine business of education &training committee of gicpa.

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4)membership department

    the main responsibilities of membership department are: to draw up cpas registration regulations, regulations on transfer of accounting firms or institutes, evalsuation of cpas qualification, and regulations on transfer of accounting firms or institutes of non-practicing members in guangdong province; to handle registration of public accountants in guangdong province and organize annual reviews of cpas; to administer group members of the institute; to carry out comprehensive reviews of accounting firms; to enroll and make annual reviews of non-practicing members; to deal with the transfer of accounting firms and institutes of practicing and non-practicing members, data-collecting and reporting; to coordinate disputes among accounting firms and guide accounting firms to improve internal management; to encourage legal practices of its members and protect the legitimate rights of its members; and to manage the routine business of the registration management committee, accounting firm management committee and appealing & protection committee.

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5)supervision department

    the main responsibilities of supervision department are: to formulate regulatory rules and disciplines for accountancy profession; to monitor the service quality of accounting firms in guangdong province (excluding shenzhen) and take actions against non-compliant activities so as to facilitate the implementation of professional regulatory rules and disciplines; to deal with business record , material analysis and integrity record of members of accounting firms; to organize professional study and answer technical problems raised by gicpa members; and to manage the routine business of the advisor committee and disciplinary committee.

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